What is DoStuff?

DoStuff is a network of local media properties for people looking to do awesome stuff. We emphasize experience by filtering out the noise and encouraging our audience to get out into their city for the best music, drinks, and good times it has to offer. We started in Austin in 2006 with two friends, and have since expanded to 16 North American cities and millions of users. From Do512 in Austin to doNYC to DoTheBay, we bring you the best music, arts, and culture in your city, curated by people who live it everyday.

What is the DoStuff App?

The DoStuff App is your new companion for finding out what’s going on in your city while you’re on the go. As the first dedicated mobile app for the DoStuff Network, it offers all the comprehensive local event listings and culture news you’re used to on the web, plus new features exclusive to the app like location-based search and redesigned profile pages.

What does it mean that the app is invite-only?

Before we’re ready to launch the DoStuff App to the whole world, we’re giving some of our loyal users and fans early access to gain feedback and help us scale the app. If you’d like to join the early invite program, send an email to secretword@dostuffmedia.com and let us know your favorite DoStuff metro and what you plan to use the DoStuff App for the most.

How much does the DoStuff App cost?

Free. Zilch. Zero. For life.

What devices is the DoStuff App compatible with?

Right now, the DoStuff App is available for iOS-compatible devices and Android devices. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later, and is best experienced on the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus or Android 4.2 and up.

I was sent an invite with the secret word in it. What do I do next?

Once you receive your invite, click the download link while using your iPhone or iOS device to be taken to the Apple App Store. Download and install the DoStuff App just as you would any other app. When you first open the app, you will be prompted for your secret word. Enter the secret word we sent you in your invite and you’re good to go!

How do I get started using the app?

Once the app is installed and you have entered the secret word, select your default metro from the list of current DoStuff properties (Related: When is DoStuff coming to my city?). If you do not already have an account for your local DoStuff metro, you can register using Facebook or your email address. Or, just sign in using your existing account information.

How do I view upcoming events?

The Do tab is where you can browse upcoming events by category, or check out your local DoStuff team’s picks for today’s best.

How do I view events that are happening near me?

In the Do tab, you can tap on the location marker in the top left to switch to the map view for any event category. Zoom in or out and the map will redefine the results for that particular location. Map view is the quickest way find awesome stuff to do while you’re already out and about, or for making plans in a specific neighborhood.

What can I find in the Discover tab?

In the Discover tab you’ll find curated event listings and articles crafted by your local DoStuff team. Find lists of free events, happy hours, and ticket giveaways, or check out the latest news and guides from local experts. If you’re looking for something new to do tonight, or just want to keep a finger on the pulse of your local, the Discover tab is where to do it.

How do I search for events and other local content?

The Search tab is where you can find stuff to do by artist, venue, neighborhood, or category. You can also search by keyword to find articles or guides on a particular topic.

How do I share events and other app content with my friends?

Every article, event listing, artist, and venue card in the DoStuff App has a share button where you can quickly send links to your friends via text, email, and social, or add it to your phone’s calendar. Find a useful guide? See a concert you want to buy tickets for? Share it with your friends right from the DoStuff App!

How do I add events to my calendar?

Any event in the DoStuff App can be added to your personal calendar by clicking the plus sign on the event card. To view your personal calendar, go to the Me tab and look under events. There you’ll see every event you’ve added in chronological order, so you never again miss that concert, gallery opening, party or festival you wanted to check out. You can also add articles and guides to your profile for safe keeping, or add artists and local venues you want to keep tabs on.

How can I be notified about upcoming shows from my favorite artists?

When you follow an artist in the DoStuff App or on the web by clicking the plus sign next to their name, you will automatically be notified when they announce shows in your city. Follow all your favorite artists and never get locked out of a sold-out show again.

How do I share my calendar?

Want to share your personal event picks on your blog or social? Press the share button in your app profile, or login via the web and share your profile URL. Your friends will be able to see all the upcoming concerts and parties you recommend, and share their own DoStuff calendars with you.

Who can view my profile?

By default, your profile along with your personal calendar, saved articles, and artists and venues you follow are visible to the public. Only artist, venue, and Tastemaker profiles are accessible through DoStuff search, but anyone with your profile link will be able to see your picks.

What are the default privacy settings?

Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we do everything we can to make sure it’s kept safe--starting with not asking your for anything we don’t need to. To read our entire privacy policy, head to dostuffmedia.com/privacy

How do I edit my account settings?

In the Me tab, you can click on the settings icon in top right corner to change your default DoStuff metro and edit your profile.

How do I switch between cities in the DoStuff App?

To browse a different DoStuff city, just tap the city logo at the top of any page within the app to go back to the the selector. You can set up a new account in that city, or just browse as a guest. You can switch back and forth between cities as often as you like, and the app will always open to the city you were browsing last.

Can I tell people I’m in the early invite program for the DoStuff App?

Absolutely! Please don’t share critiques or screenshots publicly while we’re still in invite-only mode, but you’re more than welcome to tell your friends and followers that you’re helping test the app. You can even encourage them to try the DoStuff App for themselves using your secret word, or by emailing secretword@dostuffmedia.com to request an invite of their own.

Where can I leave feedback about the app?

If you have any feedback or ideas while you’re using the app, we’d LOVE to hear them. If you run into any issues or have any suggestions for improvement, please report them using the “Shake for Feedback” feature in the app. If you don’t have any feedback and just want to tell the world how awesome the DoStuff App is, fel free to leave us a review in the App Store!

How do I contact support?

If you encounter any issues while using the DoStuff App or one of the DoStuff sites, feel free to reach out to DoStuff Support at support@dostuffmedia.com.

How do I get my event on the DoStuff app?

Have an event coming up in one of our current DoStuff Network cities? Contact the local Content Manager at “cm@[site URL].com” and ask about adding your event or venue. They’ll collect all the relevant details and promo photos/video and let you know how you can . Interested in advertising your event in the app and on the web? Click the checkmark at the bottom of the New Event form before you add the event and someone from the local DoStuff team will reach out.

How do I advertise with DoStuff?

DoStuff knows local, and we know local audiences like no one else. Interested in tapping the DoStuff Network for a digital or experiential campaign? Drop a line to our head honcho, Scott Owens, and tell us your crazy idea. Chances are we pulled off crazier.

What cities is DoStuff currently in?

We like to do local the right way, which means taking time to form long-term relationships, and getting down in the dirt to build something that’s meant to last. We started Do512 in Austin in 2006 with just two friends in an old woodshop. Today we’re made up of 18 (and counting) locally-owned properties around North America:

When is DoStuff coming to my city?

Hopefully soon! (We hear you have great food.) Are you or someone you know the right person to found a DoStuff property in your city? Say hello/hola/olá/bonjour over at scott@dostuffmedia.com.