Do210 • General Manager + Business Development

Do210 is the San Antonio edition of DoStuff, a national network of local media properties that help 90 million people a year answer "What are we going to DO tonight?"

Your role is to make sure that we matter in San Antonio, and leverage that voice to drive audience and revenue growth. Helping people solve problems - being the local hero that showcases scenes, creates new relationships and pushes the city forward.

You’ll be supported by DoStuff’s team in Austin and the other great people at DoStuff cities around the country.

You Must Be:

  • Connected: Great relationships and track records with key local music venues, promoters, events and others that make San Antonio tick

  • Experienced: Proven experience creating and selling integrated programs that involve sponsored content and media. Successfully exceeded aggressive sales goals

  • Self-motivated: Able to excel & problem solve without close direct supervision

  • Team Player: You’ll need to work well with the team that is delivering the solutions you’re selling.

  • Excellent Communicator: You have to be able to create great decks, deliver pitches and clearly communicate our value

What You'll Do:

  • Sales:
    • Prospect and build targeted lists across local & regional business verticals.
    • Sell integrated campaigns to local & regional businesses / brands looking to make an impact in San Antonio.
    • Collaborate with local businesses to create custom programs to meet their business needs.
    • Develop sales proposals and contracts.
    • Build and maintain relationships with clients to ensure their campaigns are a success and develop further, on-going business.
    • Hit aggressive monthly, quarterly & annual sales quotas.
  • Partnerships
    • Maintain and shape our brand positioning and development
    • Leverage your understanding of the market, major players, decision makers and competitive landscape across entertainment scenes of the city
    • Negotiate and develop partnerships that drive audience and open doors for revenue
    • Visit key accounts regularly to ensure steady growth and trust
    • Contribute to marketing effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range initiatives
    • Represent our brand at community events
    • Manage relationships with key marketing partners

Let's DO This? Send us a note: and sell us on why you’re perfect.