DoLA • Market & Experience Manager

Membership service (DoLA MORE)

DoLA is part of a national network of locally-owned media brands focused on helping our culture-forward audience find awesome events. Since its launch in 2012, it has established itself as the go-to source for discovering what to do in Los Angeles.

Early this year, we launched a superior members-only club - Do312 MORE - to help Chicagoans discover even more great stuff to do, and now we're gearing up to launch DoLA MORE in Southern California.

It will be loaded with community leaders dedicated to discovering new and sometimes exclusive experiences delivering the most that LA has to offer. Our partners are comprised of all the folks creating awesome events of all kinds in the city (concerts, DJ sets, festivals, pop-ups, and all the other awesome experiences).

This Role

As the Market & Experience Manager for DoLA MORE you’ll be responsible for the success and growth of our service within Los Angeles:

  • Our Members: To make sure we are finding them experiences that will get them up off their couch and out of the house at least one more time a month. You’ll accomplish this by securing tickets, and by working with our partners to create exclusive experiences for them.

  • Our Partners: Matching our members with the events, venues, promoters and other experience-providers to make sure we’re sending them the right people at the right time, giving their event the boost it deserves.

Specifically You’ll Be:

  • Bringing in new partners by building relationships with event organizers, venues, promoters, restaurants/hospitality groups, bars, sports teams, brands and more, and making sure they fully understand the value of DoLA MORE.

  • Working with existing partners (venues, promoters, restaurants/hospitality groups, bars, sports teams, brands) to expand their audience and interact with our members every night of the week. This includes gifting concert tickets for an existing show to throwing members-only parties/meetups from scratch, bringing in brands to level up these experiences...and everything in between.

  • Distributing the right tickets & experiences to our Members every month and managing Member communication alongside the rest of the team.

  • Hosting regular events & meetups with our Members. You are the face of DoLA MORE.

  • Working with the DoLA and DoStuff team to improve the product and processes so we can do even more for everyone.

You Are:

  • Active in the Los Angeles Live Entertainment Scene. Likely worked in it. Definitely know a lot of people (and they don’t run when they see you)

  • Knowledgeable about general music genres, tastes, and trends

  • Ready, willing and able to go out (at night) on a regular basis

  • Versed in how concert and event marketing works: You have a stellar sense of when and where we're most needed.

  • Full of HUSTLE

  • A great written communicator. Short. Entertaining. Get It Done. Emails.

  • Excited about this program and the opportunity to help really bring it to life

Interested? Send us a note: and sell us on why you’re perfect.