DoStuff • Content Coordinator

We’re looking for a Content Coordinator to help us curate event data & create compelling content for our site, email and social media channels across the DoStuff network of sites.

The Content Coordinator will work closely with the rest of the content team to craft the best and most relevant content. Every day will look a little different based on the needs of the team and what’s happening across the network.

Core duties include (but are not limited to):

  • Managing event listings across markets

    • Clearing out queues of event listings daily to ensure our sites are as accurate as possible

    • Curating daily listings to ensure the front page of our sites is an accurate reflection of the best things to do in a given market

    • Helping users add events

    • Scouring the internet for events to add

    • Curating collections of events that are relevant to local event discovery

  • Writing/sending newsletters

    • Maximizing engagement

    • Enhancing the brand

    • Making them as useful as possible to the widest possible audience

    • Masterfully delivering all sold components

  • Managing paid & organic social media accounts as needed

    • Increasing engagement

    • Growing follower counts

    • Maximizing relevance and usefulness

    • Participating in active dialogue with the community

  • Reporting & Analysis

    • Regularly reporting on all content initiatives: successes, failures, learnings

    • Communicating top-performing pages and other notable trends to the rest of the team

    • Proposing and executing content-related A|B tests

    • Using data to surface opportunities to improve the business

  • Miscellaneous high impact tasks

    • Setting up and executing ticket giveaways

    • Assisting with Customer Service inquiries as needed

This is a full-time salaried position based in Austin, TX - perfect for a recent college grad who is looking to grow their experience in the media and entertainment industry. You’ll collaborate with incredibly talented people all across the country and learn a LOT.

You are:

  • Strongly interested in culture (concerts, happy hours, restaurants, etc).

  • A talented short-form writer with a defined voice.

  • Aware of more local, regional and national bands, artists and comedians than you can possibly name.

  • Curious. You want to know why things are the way they are.

  • Detail-oriented. You can spot a typo before all of your friends.

  • Following the BEST people, bands and brands on social media.

  • Funny.

  • Going out regularly (in non-pandemic times) -- to concerts, comedy, events, restaurants, happy hours and more.

  • In the flow of local news and culture.

  • Innovative.

  • Intrinsically motivated. You don’t need someone looking over your shoulder to be productive and efficient.

  • Maintaining at least one social media account that would impress us.

  • Punctual.

  • Really good with email.

  • Regularly reading music and culture websites like Pitchfork, Eater and The Infatuation

  • Subscribe to (and enjoy reading) national and local email newsletters

Bonus points if you:

  • Already use one of our sites

  • Have music industry experience

  • Have digital marketing experience

  • Have a proven track record of increasing digital audiences

  • Know your way around Google Analytics, Asana and/or Emarsys

  • Manage a badass social media account that we can check out

Benefits include:

  • Health, dental and vision benefits

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Work peripherals provided

  • Free passes to concerts, festivals and events

  • Great experience and resume builder. You will learn a ton about digital marketing and the music and events industries, and your work will be seen by a LOT of people.

  • Casual working environment: flexible hours, no dress code, etc.

Interested?! Shoot a resume over to and include DoStuff Content Coordinator in the subject line.