DoStuff • Content Coordinator

DoStuff is a network of local media properties that help people in NYC, LA and 18 other cities discover awesome concerts and events.

We’re looking for a Content Coordinator to help our local markets maintain their content output by creating event listings, writing editorial content, sending daily emails and posting on social media.

Every day will be different: You’ll spend one day making event listings in Seattle, helping with a ‘Best New Restaurants’ page in Louisville, writing social media copy in Boston and sending a daily email in Portland. The next day, you’ll be creating a ‘Free Outdoor Concerts’ list in NYC, managing event listings in Seattle, proofreading San Diego’s daily email and writing a ‘Best Patios’ list in Dallas / Ft. Worth.

This is a full-time salaried position based in Austin, TX - perfect for a recent college grad who is looking to grow their experience in the music, event and media industries. You’ll collaborate with incredibly talented people all across the country and learn a LOT. This position is a 1-2 year appointment, and a great stepping stone to the next big thing - either at DoStuff or elsewhere in the music/event/media industries.

We’re looking for someone....

  • curious, hungry and passionate about concerts and events. You don’t have to come in knowing a ton about all our different cities -- but you have to want to want to.

  • who lives and bleeds music, who is always hip to the latest tour announcements and releases, and who reads music blogs and emails in their spare time.

  • a cool, confident writer who can effectively communicate why our users have to go to this concert or try this new restaurant.

  • experienced with social media. You have at least one Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tiktok account that we could check out and be impressed.

  • who enjoys learning about different cities, and what makes them each uniquely great.

Benefits include:

  • Health, dental and vision benefits

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Work computer and peripherals provided

  • Free passes to concerts, festivals and events

  • Great experience and resume builder. You will learn a ton about digital marketing and the music and events industries, and your work will be seen by a LOT of people.

  • Casual working environment: flexible hours, no dress code, etc.

Interested?! Shoot a resume over to