DoStuff • Content Support Specialist

As our Content Support Specialist, your job is to ensure that the content we produce is of the highest possible quality. Whether you’re writing it, editing it, or reviewing it, you will apply your copywriting prowess to generate stellar copy across all of our channels. You will write copy for national programs, review copy provided by local teams, manage event listings for transitioning metros, advise local teams on our platform, and much more.

Who You Are:

We’re looking for a patient, detail-oriented linguistic mastermind who can move quickly and efficiently through a variety of tasks, constantly mindful of where the greatest impact awaits. You’ll be directly responsible for the success of programs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars; you’ll manage multiple metros’ content and event listings; your work will be seen by millions of people every year.

What You’ll Do:

You’ll be working out of DoStuff’s offices in Austin, Texas, among some of the most brilliant minds in entertainment. You’ll rapidly acquire new skills and professional experience at an inspiring clip. You’ll solve complicated problems. You’ll help your teammates thrive. No two days will ever be the same.

You’ll be treated to a level of professional trust deserved by many but experienced by few: unlimited paid vacation days, flexible hours, available managers who truly give a shit. DoStuff provides the employment component of an enriching, balanced life.

Your time will be roughly spent in the following ways:

  • National Programs (50%)

    • Copywriting

      • Generating copy for event pages, social posts and emails

      • Documenting advertising and promotional best practices

      • Proposing sellable content ideas

    • Copy Editing

      • Checking local teams’ writing: daily emails, social posts, editorial content

    • Statistical Reporting

      • Mid-campaign reporting and optimization

      • Verifying local teams’ work and correcting erroneous reports

  • Transitioning Metros (35%)

    • Content Management for Do416, DoSD, Do206, and more

      • Approving events: checking pending events before they go live. (This is ~20% of the job.) These events are managed through approval queues that look like this.

      • Managing events: creating scrapers, checking front pages, updating collections of events.

      • Running promotions: giveaways and RSVPs

      • Sending weekly emails

  • Local Teams (15%)

    • Providing platform support

    • Facilitating growth initiatives

    • Training new employees

    • Communicating best practices and opportunities for optimization.

The starting compensation for this position is $40K.

Questions? Ready to join us? Hit us up at Please include a writing sample, your 5 favorite Austin restaurants, and your 5 favorite records of 2018.