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You have a customer for life – can't believe you gave me tickets to 3 days of the festival...thank you!!!
-Shayne M
You had me at tickets every month. How could you not join DoMORE?!
- Wendi E
Literally all I had to do was check my email to find free concert tickets to artists I’ve actually been DYING to see!
- Picha W
Just wanted to thank you again very much for these tickets. They're one of my favorite all time bands.
- Ray B
Super psyched to see these guys at Red Rocks!
- Jon O
You all are amazing! Thank you for the positive impact these experiences bring to people.
- Mika R

You Know You Want to Do More

At $5 a month, you can't lose. If it sucks, you can always cancel. But it's not gonna, because we know what we're doing.



DoStuff (Do312, DoNYC, DoLA and 17 others) created the DoMORE Membership after 11 years of helping 100s of millions of people find the best stuff to do with their nights and weekends.

Our audience kept telling us they wanted to go out more often. And that they wanted to discover new places, bands and events.

Our event partners kept telling us they wanted more people to see the awesome stuff they were doing.

It took us a long time to get it right, but we did it. And you're going to f*cking love it.

Get your first pair of tickets right now. So why not?

$5 / month. Cancel literally whenever.

Is this membership legit?

This is the most common question we get. Yep, it’s legit. We have a ton of really great shows and events that we can hook you up with. We also have a ton of events you might not think you’ll enjoy — but we’re going to ask you to explore outside your comfort zone once in a while. A win for us is “I would have never gone to that show if it hadn’t been for DoMORE, and now that’s one of my favorite bands.”

What sort of events should I expect?

Experiences range from concerts, festivals, pop-ups, museums, sports, movie premieres, arts + culture — basically anything that’s fun or cool in your city. Plus, we always give you two tickets to each event, allowing you to bring a guest along with you!

When do the events take place? Will I have time to plan?

Events could be as far as 45 days out — or just a few days out! Some members prefer to plan, others like to jump on last-minute ticket options as they pop up. You can pick what works for you.

When do I get to select my tickets?

You’ll get an alert for Ticket Drops at least once within any 30-day window. The exact timing during that window is a surprise!
During busy seasons you’ll get more alerts. We’ll also give you more opportunities to select tickets if none of the initial options work for you the first time.

How does it work? How do I actually get tickets?

You will receive a text or email alert with your unique “Ticket Drop.” A Ticket Drop is a selection of 3-7 ticket offers, tailored specific to you, happening in your area within the next 45 days. You can claim or transfer any one selection of those offers. If there’s nothing that works for you, you can simply click the button to receive another Drop in 7 days.

How does DOMORE get tickets?

We’re able to get tickets to events because we have a super tight team and a ton of local venue and promoter partners that we work with on a regular basis to help promote their shows. Our partners are looking to us to introduce them to fun, cool people who are (probably) going to spend money at the venue. And Artists are constantly looking to build new fan-bases in every city they visit.

How do I cancel?

We heard from members that cancellation was confusing. We’ve updated it to make it as easy as possible. Everyone can cancel their membership at any time through their member profile — or by emailing us at Our full cancellation policy can be found here. If we ever drop the ball on a cancellation we will refund your transactions. Helpful note: it makes it easier if you email us from the email associated with your DoMORE account.

How many members do you have?

We’ve added over 80k members in 2023 across 16 cities. We open the door to a restricted number of members in each city.
We’re currently expanding our membership base across all cities. Join us!

Can I only claim tickets once a month?

No! You can claim tickets whenever you get a Ticket Drop alert. If you get 3 alerts in a single month — good for you! You can claim tickets to three different events.

How much choice do I have in the events?

Each Ticket Drop has up to 7 events for you to choose from! We handpick our events and give you a set of options based on your member profile. DoMORE is your platform for discovery that inspires you to try new things and explore cultural opportunities.

Do I have to buy tickets?

No! Your Membership fee is all you pay. After that, all the tickets you claim are FREE!

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