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20 million people turn to us each year for a good time across email, web, social and (of course) in real life.

$1.5 Billion in live entertainment spending

People come to us with money in their pockets and they trust us on where to spend it.

529,305 events

239,304 concerts

79,088 art & culture events

32,169 comedy shows

12,275 festivals

9,476 Happy Hours

and so much more...

25,620 venues

These events happen at more than 25,000 places. Each with its own awesome character and connection to the local scene.

67,946,178 artists followed

To make sure they never miss another show, fans follow artists nearly 68 million times/year.

In addition to promoting our 21 amazing local scenes, we work with brands whose stories we love to tell, helping them give back to those scenes.
48 brand partners
20,235 giveaways

20,000 events, more than 200,000 tickets and nearly $4 million. That’s a lot of people having a lot of fun. Our partners make it all possible.


Breaking down the best requires more than a list sometimes. We love working with our partners so they can be part of helping someone have the best night of their life.


194,400total attendees

We spend most of our time at other people’s parties, but sometimes we just have to throw our own.

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