Noise Pop Festival x Lyft

  • CLIENT: Noise Pop and Lyft


It can be difficult for Noise Pop Festival attendees in San Francisco to travel safely and quickly between all the venues involved in the festival, and to catch all the performances they were hoping to see. Noise Pop wanted to address this challenge for its attendees but not break the bank to rebuild and maintain the 2016 app.


DoStuff partnered with the ride sharing service Lyft to utilize beacon technology along with custom messaging to distribute a series of discount codes and credits for Noise Pop attendees. Forbes magazine wrote that we had turned the “entire city into a festival venue.” With the DoStuff app acting as the hub as opposed to the standalone Noise Pop app, we dramatically increased user engagement at a low cost to Noise Pop.


  • Increase in Noise Pop shows per attendee from 2.1 to 3.4

  • 16% increase in total users in DoStuff app vs Noise Pop app in 2015

  • 55% increase in user sessions in DoStuff app vs Noise Pop app in 2015

  • 80% more activity in the app in DoStuff app vs Noise Pop app in 2015


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