Bacardi + Girl Talk Promotion

  • CLIENT: Anheuser Busch


Anheuser-Busch wanted to build brand awareness for their Bacardi+ Premixed Cocktails in an effort to develop a nationwide following of loyal customers.


By aligning the product rollout with emerging musical acts and using targeted media + social campaigns, we raised brand awareness and RSVPs for both Bacardi+ Fest and Girl Talk shows. At each event, DoStuff also captured photo and video to broaden event impact through earned media and social sharing.


  • Integrated digital + experiential campaigns across 10 cities in target markets
  • 18,000+ age-verified RSVPs- all of which converted to FB “Likes” and new email addresses for Bacardi
  • Total earned media reach was over 33 million impressions

"Their promo was 5% of our media spend but ended up driving over 60% of our RSVPs for this event...they are a media partner, digital agency, and experiential agency all rolled into one, and on top of everything else they are a pleasure to work with.”

Michael Raspatello, Anheuser-Busch


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