Bud Light • Lollapalooza After Show

Target Markets: Chicago

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What We Did

Do312 integrated Bud Light into two of their signature events, Rock 'n' Roll Market, and Do312's Skate Night. Extending Bud Light's festival sponsorship with a curated Lollapalooza After Show.

Do312 promoted the aftershows with exclusive experiences ranging from Happy Hour to Bingo Night. Each guest enjoyed complimentary Bud Light to kick-off their night and enjoy the good times.



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Event Attendees

How We Did It

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Branded Content

Do312 created a custom branded event page for the Bud Light After Shows. Extending the ethos of Lollapalooza's front page to the DoStuff site.

Social Media

To drive promotion to the After Shows and events leading up. We leveraged our social media outlets to target music goers in the Chicago area.



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