Jack Daniel's • Seven City Partnerships

Target Markets: Austin, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco,

Our Role

  • Event curation to drive local scene awareness.
  • Push Volume at key accounts.

Campaign Objectives

  • Grow local affinity with Music Fans in target markets.

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  • 010318-Freeweek_Barracuda-002.jpg
  • 010418-Freeweek_HotelVegas-016.jpg
  • 010418-Freeweek_HotelVegas-041.jpg
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  • BOOTLEG_1757.jpg
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What We Did

DoStuff, Brown-Forman, and Jack Daniel’s 2017 partnership focused on content driven to excite music fans across all genres, produce localized events to drive awareness in the scene, and push volume at key accounts, and support of other local initiatives in each target city.

DoStuff & Jack Daniel's kept the brand at the forefront of all things music and cool. Local initiatives were amplified utilizing our scene relationships, and our voice. Together, we made this campaign truly authentic at every pour.


16 Branded Music Experiences

How We Did It

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Branded Content

To extend the local affinity with our audience, we created custom branded micro-sites that highlighted the best of the city. Keeping Jack Daniel's brand top of mind at every click.

  • Do210_JD_Tobin Hill Neighborhood Guide_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do214_JD_10Can'tMissOutdoorConcerts_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do214_JD_Outdoor Music Guide_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do214_JD_PostShowLateNightMunchies_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do312_JD_BrunchPunch_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do312_JD_CraftiestBars_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do312_JD_Do312 Guestlist_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do312_JD_LocalBands2_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do312_JD_Pro Tips Riot Fest_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do317_JD_PicnicLikeABoss_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do512_JD_FleetFoxesGiveaway_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do512_JD_NewPlacesToDrink_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do617_JD_PrideParadeGuide_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • Do617_JD_SpringGuide_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • DoLA_JD_BrunchPunch2_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • DoLA_JD_FestivalFashionGuide_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • DoNYC_JD_BestFestivals_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • DoNYC_JD_LocalBands4_MIddle Listing.jpg
  • DoTheBay_JD_LateNightSurvivalGuide_MIddle Listing.jpg

Social Media

Leveraging our local voice, our cities promoted each content pice and each event through the lens of a local, via our social media channels.

Localized Experiences



Whether you want to work with us on telling your brand's story in our cities or you just want to say hi, please fill out this form and it will reach the appropriate person at DoStuff. We’ll get back to you shortly!