Pilsner Urquell • Brewmaster Documentary Premiere

Target Markets : San Francisco

Our Role

  • Event production, curation and production to support the pre-premiere film.
  • Content curation and distribution of Golden Hour guide.

Our Objectives

  • Assist Pilsner Urquell on the pre-premiere of their new documentary.
  • Celebrate Pilsner Urquell 175th year of brewing the golden suds.

What We Did

Celebrating 175 years, Pilsner Urquell set out to tell the story of craft beer and how Pilsner’s legacy set the stage for modern craft beer through the release of a Documentary about the subject, title ‘Brewmaster.’

To celebrate the premiere screening of the film, and to extend the celebration throughout the city - DoStuff planned a film release party, and editorial series to make waves in the golden city.

The sold-out 300 seat Alamo Drafthouse poured exclusive beer freighted directly from the Czech brewery, featured a Q&A from documentary subjects, and hosted an after-party filled with ‘golden circus models’ making their way through the crowded event space.

To support the release, DoTheBay published a ‘Golden Hour Guide’ to the bay area, highlighting the best spots to watch the sun go down with a golden pilsner beer.


2.3 Million

Social Impressions

1.4 Million

Emails sent with Pilsner Featured


Sold Out Screening

How We Did It

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Branded Content

Keeping the Pilsner Urquell brand top of mind before and after the campaign, we built out custom branded content that featured the golden brew.

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Social Media

Driving awareness to our event and content pieces, we leveraged our media channels to build a stronger affinity with the Pilsner Urquell brand.

Localized Experiences & Influencer Engagement



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