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Go Team Go. The unofficial new rallying cry of our team as we cheer each other on from the confines of our home.

This is not simply a post of expression. This is a post about WHY DoStuff. Whether you’re an artist or a brand mucking your way around COVID-19. Whether you work with us right now or not. Why DoStuff. I hope you'll entertain us and read.

We want people to know: We’re...


Rather. We ain't going down. PERIOD.

Hi Y’all - Kristin here with DoStuff. I’m the COO and founding employee.

In case you don’t know, we’re an Austin-based national media company with localized properties solely focused on helping our audience get out into their communities and have great experiences, rinse and repeat. We make our money (through ad spends) by filling the rooms of all the wonderful business owners throwing events,...


Help the artists originally scheduled to play SX2020! In light of the festival's cancellation, they need our support now more than ever.

You can help them out by buying some merch, promoting their work -- and, if you feel comfortable doing so -- by going out to see them live. Just remember to wash your hands and follow all recommendations by local health officials.

To help find these artists’ upcoming shows in your market, we’ve...


DoStuff is looking for our newest team member to work with our Business Development & Marketing teams to identify opportunities and create quality programs that are a win win for both DoStuff and our clients.

This role is perfect for someone with a couple years experience in a related field looking to grow within an organization from the ground up. Interested in applying or know someone who might be? Let's talk.